August 01, 2016


Semihandmade Thinks Outside the Box at WeWork

At Semihandmade, maintaining the status quo isn’t really our thing. Thinking outside the (IKEA cabinet) box is our thing. We’re always looking for ways to innovate.

It all started with our “custom doors for IKEA kitchen cabinets” concept. In the 5 years since then, we have:

  • Expanded the variety of doors we offer to 50+
  • Grown our collection to include doors for IKEA bathroom, closet, and media cabinets
  • Added furniture upgrades such as floating shelves, bookcases, wine cases, decorative pulls, legs, and tops
Our collaborations with other companies have allowed us to offer some truly high-end doors for IKEA cabinets. View full article →
April 19, 2016


Announcing the New Semihandmade Print Collection

Semihandmade fans know that we’re always looking for new ways to make beautiful, one-of-a-kind furniture using Ikea cabinets.  After months of planning and development, we’re happy to unveil an exciting addition to the Semihandmade Doors family of products: the Print collection.

Semihandmade Print Rex Ray Vandalia Cabinet

Our Print doors and drawer fronts represent a collaboration between Semihandmade and amazing artists, studios, and estates from around the world. Our lineup of artists includes Lisa Congdon, Eloise Renouf, and Elizabeth Olwen. We even have a collection of exclusive pieces based on the artwork of the late Rex Ray.

Similar doors from other companies use vinyl decals that bubble or peel easily. Our Print line is designed to last. We use an inkjet printing process that prints the designs directly onto our Eco Oak veneers. We then seal the veneers with a satin conversion varnish to guarantee that our Print line will stay vivid and bold for years.

                Semihandmade Sean Finocchio Print Cabinet    Semihandmade Eloise Renouf Print Cabinet

The ordering process is simple. Each piece of furniture in our Print collection is made using Ikea's Sektion base cabinets. You purchase the cabinet boxes, drawers, and hardware from Ikea, then order the Print doors and drawer fronts from us. Due to the requirements of our printing process and the dimensions of each design, we can only make Print furniture in specific configurations. Check out the individual design pages for a complete selection of configurations for specific Print designs (not all configurations are available for each artist and design).

      Semihandmade Rex Ray Bismark Cabinet    Semihandmade Erik Abel Print Cabinet

We’re going to roll out a new artist collection each week leading up to ICFF in New York on May 14, so check back in each week to see new designs. For now, you can read up on Rex Ray and check out our very first batch of Print designs: Stones, Comp 4, Bismark, and Vandalia.

If you have any questions about the Print doors, send an email to
February 16, 2016


Semihandmade’s Almost-Spring Impression and DIY Sale

Semihandmade Impression Ash Kitchen

It may be snowing on the East Coast, but here at Semihandmade headquarters in Southern California, we are well into the first days of Spring. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and we want to celebrate with an Almost-Spring Sale!

You may be feeling a chill, so we want to share the warmth with a discount on select kitchen cabinet materials. From now until March 15, we are offering 10% off all DIY Slab, DIY Shaker, and Impression projects.

Semihandmade Impression Honey Kitchen

Semihandmade’s Impression doors feature a variety of styles that mimic the appearance of real wood with a durable, easy-to-clean melamine. Colors range from the light tone of Beach to the dark grains of Midnight. We’re also excited for our two newest Impression materials: Tahoe and Sonoma. These additions match the tone of real-wood veneers like teak or walnut, but without the upkeep.

Semihandmade Impression Tahoe Cabinets

If you’re looking for a painted look, then our DIY Slab and Shaker doors are the way to go. The unfinished and unpainted DIY doors are ready-to-prime and paint on delivery, and you can paint these doors to match whatever color scheme you can dream up.

Semihandmade Black and White DIY Shaker Kitchen

The snow is going to thaw as the temperatures rise. Go ahead and send your kitchen plans to to get an initial quote started for your project. The sooner we hear from you, the sooner you can get ready for springtime renovations with Semihandmade’s Almost-Spring Sale.
January 29, 2016


Semihandmade's 2016 Canada Sale

Semihandmade IDS Booth Display

We just got back from a great weekend in Toronto for IDS, Canada’s top interior design show. Now that we've recovered from the show, we have some news to share.

We heard you loud and clear, Canada: we’re bringing back our Canadian Sale, and it’s bigger than ever. From now until the end of April, we are offering a 15% discount on ALL Canadian orders.

Last year, we offered a 10% discount for Canadian projects, but we wanted to go even bigger in 2016. So, whether you’re installing a new Sektion kitchen, refacing an old Akurum kitchen, or transforming your bathroom with a new Godmorgon vanity, you can get an additional 15% off if you’re based in Canada.

Semihandmade Toronto Project

While we’re talking about Canada, we want to send a big thank you to our friends at IDS. It’s an amazing show, and we met a ton of talented designers and professionals in Toronto. We look forward to the next time we get to visit. We’ll have a full recap coming later. Until then, take a look at some of our materials and kitchen projects, and send an email to if you’re interested in getting a quote started.
December 16, 2015


Semihandmade Solutions #3: The Warped Door

We are back with the third edition of Semihandmade Solutions. After looking at a one-time accident in the most recent entry, we’re going to look an issue generated over time.

Problem:  I have an Akurum kitchen from 2008 with Ramsjo Red-Brown doors, the kind with solid-wood framing and a particleboard center. Unfortunately, the tall cabinet door next to my refrigerator has warped over time (marked in red on the image below). I really love the unique look of these doors, but Ikea discontinued them. I don't want to replace my entire kitchen, so what should I do?

Semihandmade Warped Door Solution Akurum Cabinet Before

Solution:  The challenge here is finding a way to compliment the Ramsjo door-style without overshadowing its distinct design and rich red-brown tone. The good news is, you don't have to replace the entire kitchen!

Since the warped door is alongside the refrigerator, we can turn the four doors around the refrigerator into a run. We went with our brand new Impression Sonoma doors because they look great and complement the Ramsjo doors without drawing attention from the rest of the cabinets. Impression Sonoma is one of our newest materials, and we love how it mimics the texture of a walnut veneer with a durable textured melamine that harmonizes with the kitchen's traditional look. All in all, this turns one warped door into a new run that accentuates the existing doors.The total cost for the project pictured below: $619 USD.

Semihandmade Warped Door Solutions Akurum Cabinets After

Take a look at these example images and other Semihandmade Solutions (part one, part two) to get a look at our products alongside Ikea doors, and send an email to with the subject line “I need a Semihandmade Solution” to get a quote started for your kitchen.

REMINDER: Semihandmade is not a design firm. We are happy to provide suggestions, but we can’t help you generate a design for your project. You’ll need to decide that on your own. There are also limits to what Semihandmade can provide. We want to help, but there may be some requests that are too complicated for us to handle.

December 04, 2015


Semihandmade Solution #2: A Simple Scratch

Welcome to the second edition of Semihandmade Solutions. In our first entry, we did a fairly extensive upgrade to some damaged Akurum kitchen cabinets. Today, we’re going to look at a project smaller in scope.

Problem: I just noticed a big scratch across one of my drawers (marked in red on the image below). I thought I could just go to Ikea and get a replacement, but Ikea has replaced their Akurum system with the new Sektion cabinets. I can’t afford a complete remodel right now. Can Semihandmade just replace that drawer for me?

Semihandmade Akurum Simple Scratch Solution #2 Before

Solution: You’re going to need to be bold. In a perfect world, Semihandmade would make an identical drawer front and everything would look the same as before. The problem is that Semihandmade does not make doors that are identical to Ikea’s doors, past or present. Some of our materials are similar to certain Ikea materials, but none are identical. So, if we replace a single drawer with a Semihandmade material, it will stick out like a sore thumb.

BUT, what if you turn one damaged drawer into a vertical run? In the example below, we used our Impression Beach drawer fronts to create a bold accent to the existing cabinets. The Beach material adds a two-tone look, both between the light and dark shades and between the textured and sleek finishes. It may not appeal to everyone’s personal tastes, but by making a vertical run, the new doors look intentional and distinct. Check out similar techniques using wall runs or shelf run.

In the end, this Semihandmade Solution both replaces the damaged door and adds a trendy touch to the kitchen. The total cost for the project pictured below: $360 USD.

Semihandmade Akurum and Impression Beach Simple Scratch Solution #2 After

Take a look at these example images and other Semihandmade Solutions (part one, part three) to get a look at our products alongside Ikea doors, and send an email to with the subject line “I need a Semihandmade Solution” to get a quote started for your kitchen.

REMINDER: Semihandmade is not a design firm. We are happy to provide suggestions, but we can’t help you generate a design for your project. You’ll need to decide that on your own. There are also limits to what Semihandmade can provide. We want to help, but there may be some requests that are too complicated for us to handle.

December 02, 2015


Semihandmade Solutions: Creative Updates for Discontinued Akurum Cabinets

As we’ve recently covered on the blog, the Akurum cabinet system was discontinued by Ikea in February of 2015. Not only have the cabinets been discontinued, but Ikea has already exhausted their backstock of doors, drawer fronts, and paneling for old Akurum kitchen cabinets, leaving Akurum owners all alone in their search for replacement doors and drawers. No one wants to be alone, especially at Christmas. (Dear future blog readers, this post was made in December 2015. While we're talking, what's the future like?)

Semihandmade doesn’t make doors that are identical to Ikea’s old doors—we do have some that are pretty similar—but we still want to help. We know that accidents happen, and Akurum kitchen owners may need new doors for any number of reasons.

If you bought an Akurum kitchen three years ago, it’s no fun finding out that you can’t replace a single scratched panel because Ikea doesn’t make it anymore. The Ikea 25-year warranty is great, but like all warranties (including ours), it doesn't cover everyday wear and tear such as sunlight discoloration or water damage. These issues can be small in scale too, so while Semihandmade is the first place you would go if you wanted to completely remodel your kitchen, you may not want to replace ALL of your old doors with Semihandmade doors.

With that in mind, we’ve put our heads together to figure out what Semihandmade can do to help out Akurum owners in need. We’re going to share our ideas on our blog with Semihandmade Solutions, a series of creative plans to fix or upgrade your Akurum kitchen by pairing Semihandmade and Ikea doors.

Let’s get to our first Solution.

Problem:  I purchased my Akurum kitchen in 2009 with Abstrakt High Gloss Gray door fronts. Now, after a few years of regular use, the fronts around my sink and my major appliances are starting to bubble and peel due to water and heat (the damaged fronts are marked with red X's). I don't want to replace the entire kitchen, but I don’t want to keep the damaged fronts. What can I do?

Semihandmade Akurum Bubble and Peel Solution Before

Semihandmade Akurum Bubble and Peel Solution Before

Solution:  Mix things up! With damaged panels around the sink, oven, and dishwasher, you'd be best suited replacing the entire run along the wall. Around the refrigerator, you can just replace the damaged panels to maintain symmetry between the new and existing panels.

Our Impressions line is a great compliment to many of Ikea's door styles, including Abstrakt. Priced to match Ikea's highest-end materials, Impression Smoke's subtle tone and texture bring life to a somewhat sterile kitchen. Still modern in appearance, Smoke adds warmth and elegance to the high gloss kitchen. By replacing the damaged fronts around the sink and major appliances, Smoke becomes a beautiful accent to the Akurum cabinets. On top of that, the neutral tone goes great with any counter top, back-splash, flooring or wall paint. The total cost of this project (pictured below): $2,136 USD.

Abstrakt and Smoke Semihandmade Solution Kitchen

Abstrakt and Smoke Semihandmade Solution Kitchen

Abstrakt and Smoke Semihandmade Solution Kitchen

Take a look at those example images that we created to get a look at our products alongside Ikea doors, and send an email to with the subject line “I need a Semihandmade Solution” to get a quote started for your kitchen.

Check out our other Semihandmade Solutions:

#2 A Simple Scratch

#3 The Warped Door

REMINDER: Semihandmade is not a design firm. We are happy to provide suggestions, but we can’t help you generate a design for your project. You’ll need to decide that on your own. There are also limits to what Semihandmade can provide. We want to help, but there may be some requests that are too complicated for us to handle.

November 20, 2015


#TBT: Semihandmade and Nate Berkus at Dwell on Design

 With Thanksgiving just a week away, we here at Semihandmade were thinking about what we’ve been thankful for this year. We had a great time at IDSwest and we’re proud of our brand new Supermatte doors, but the highlight of our year has to have been working with Nate Berkus for Dwell on Design LA in June.

Sponsored by Dwell Magazine, DODLA is America’s largest design event; since it’s right in our backyard, we always have a booth to show off our latest doors. Not only are events like this a great place to connect with potential customers, they also offer a lot of opportunities to make professional connections—case in point, our involvement in Dwell Magazine’s 2013 flagship home. It was the success on that project that landed us on Berkus’s radar.

Basically, Nate needed help putting together a pair of kitchens for LG Studio’s Re-Imagination Pavilion, a 2,000-square-foot booth showcasing the newest LG appliances. He had designed a pair of beautiful kitchens using Ikea’s Sektion cabinets and asked Semihandmade to handle the doors.


 People say you shouldn’t meet your heroes, so we were nervous. We’ve been longtime fans of Nate going back to his time on The Oprah Winfrey Show. But, there was no need to worry because Nate was so great to work with and as charming in person as he is on TV.

                   Semihandmade Rift White Oak Shaker Doors

 For the first design, Nate set out to make a spacious family kitchen with a wide marble island and plenty of counter space. Semihandmade provided our Rift White Oak Shaker doors to give the room a classic look and a lot of warmth.

                  Semihandmade DIY Shaker Doors

In the other kitchen, Nate aimed for a more intimate space centered around hosting guests and socializing. He used Semihandmade’s DIY Shaker doors to create a sleek, modern look. He painted the cabinets a cream color that matches the tile backsplashes and painted the island black to make it stand out even more as a conversation piece.

After such an amazing experience in 2015, we’re already gearing up for our biggest display ever in 2016. We’ll be back at Dwell on Design LA this summer and we’re going to fill our booth with new and exciting designs. We hope to see you there!


November 18, 2015


IDSwest 2015 Recap: Semihandmade Unveils Our Latest Doors


This may be a little late for a recap, but it’s taken two months for us to come down after such an amazing trip to Interior Design Show West 2015. It took a little time to recover after a whirlwind weekend spent showing off brand new Semihandmade offerings and getting to know some of the most talented designers in in the world.

Vancouver Convention Centre

It was our second time at the show, and we realized we were in for something special as we walked up to the Vancouver Convention Centre West. The weather was unbelievable and the views were even better. The LEED Platinum-certified convention center was built in 2009 right on the Vancouver Harbor, treating visitors to breathtaking Pacific Northwest panorama. Mountains rise up in the distance while a steady stream of seaplanes take off and land on the harbor waters.

Semihandmade IDSwest Interior Design Show West Booth

Once inside, Semihandmade set up shop alongside more than 270 exhibitors from across the continent. More than 36,000 visitors walked through the Centre that weekend, giving us a great opportunity to showcase the newest Semihandmade doors for Ikea cabinets.

Semihandmade Mirth Tile Ikea Godmorgon Cabinet

First up, our new Mirth Studio tile drawers and doors for Godmorgon. Using floor tiles made by our friends at Mirth Studio, Semihandmade debuted one of our four new patterns for Godmorgon cabinets. These drawers and doors look great on bathroom cabinets and in other parts of the house by adding a splash of color and brightness. Mirth’s cutting-edge painting and sealing techniques create beautiful wood textures that can stand up to years of use.

Semihandmade Stikwood Ikea Sektion Cabinet

Our other big announcement from the show was the addition of two new materials to our Reclaimed line. Semihandmade is collaborating with Stikwood to create doors and paneling made with recycled basketball courts, and we’ve paired up with Art of Board to create doors using reclaimed skateboard decks. Great for smaller projects and media centers, these two new materials create immediate conversation pieces that add personality to a room.

We had such a great time that we’re extending our 10% discount on all Canadian orders into 2016. Our customers can enjoy 10% off any Semihandmade custom kitchen order from now until the end of the year.

We’re already booking tickets back to Vancouver for next year, but in the meantime, we’re getting geared up for another trip to the Great White North to man a booth at IDS Toronto in January.


November 17, 2015


Moving On From Your Akurum Kitchen System

 Real Ikea fans take their love of affordable, modern furniture seriously. From the innovators that conjure pure imagination on IKEAhackers to the sorely missed debates on IKEAFans over that one guy in the Red Hook store, people feel passionately about their Ikea. So, when the yellow-and-blue powers that be decommission your favorite cabinet, it’s OK if you feel a little sad. And when it’s not just any cabinet, but the Akurum—the top-ranked system in JD Power’s Kitchen Cabinet Satisfaction Survey for the last two years—there are going to be a lot of sad homeowners

Semihandmade Ikea Akurum Kitchen

The Akurum kitchen cabinet system may be gone for good, but there’s a reason for celebration because Ikea's Sektion system is here and it’s even better. We here at Semihandmade love Sektion because it’s even more versatile and intuitive than Ikea's former system. Sektion has more modular cabinet sizes for greater stackability, integrated drawer lighting, better interior storage fittings, and a hanging rail to make base cabinet installation easier.

Semihandmade Ikea Akurum Kitchen

Here's the rub: Sektion’s new measurements do not match the old Akurum specifications. The systems do look alike with square boxes, high-quality Blum hinges and drawer slides, and many similar-looking door styles. The key is that the cabinet dimensions are different, which makes everything different. A 30” base cabinet, for example, is now almost a true 30” wide by 30” high (before it 29 15/16” wide by 30 3/8” high), and an 80” pantry is now actually 80” instead of its previous 79 1/2”.

There isn’t an Ikea cabinet that we haven’t fallen in love with here at Semihandmade, which is why we still make custom-fit doors and paneling for both Sektion and Akurum cabinets. So if you’re looking for beautifully crafted real-wood doors for a new Sektion project or a set of new doors and drawers to upgrade an old Akurum system, Semihandmade will always be your top destination for the best-looking doors you can find.

Semihandmade Ikea Sektion Cabinets

If you have Akurum cabinets and want to find out whether your cabinets are compatible with our doors, send an email to with the subject line "Cover My Akurum" to receive instructions on how to measure your cabinets.


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