If you're willing to take the time to do it yourself, we suggest using Ikea's awesome free planning tool.  Otherwise, you can get assistance from an architect or designer.  We especially recommend IKD and Modular Interiors (below), as they are especially familiar with both kitchen systems.

Please note: These professionals are not employees of Semihandmade. 


Your personalized design package will be emailed to you and you’ll be receiving a first design in three business days. The process includes a design draft and two free revisions.  This option includes high-resolution color renderings using professional kitchen design software, detailed drawings with cabinet and wall measurements, and a full item list for your purchase.  They'll even upload a copy of your design to your Ikea Home Planner account for you to use at your local Ikea store.

This package works best if:

  • You prefer to work through e-mails because you’re too busy for a telephone design consultation.
  • You’re budget-conscious and are looking to save as much as possible on your project.
  • You have a clear idea of what you want and need in your kitchen.
  • Your kitchen doesn’t have architectural obstacles that could affect the design.
  • You want a “second pair of eyes” reviewing your design for potential problems.


Your professional designer will be working with you by phone or e-mail throughout the process of your kitchen design.  The process includes an Initial Design Draft and up to 3 free revisions.  Service package will include detailed schematics and renderings of your kitchen design, complete LED integrated lighting plan, preliminary kitchen cost, personalized "In Home Planner" account, and a detailed order number to be used at your local store for ease of purchase.

This package works best if:

  • You're interested in communicating directly with your professional designer throughout the process.
  • You have limited time and need a quick but high-quality design.
  • You're willing to invest in a complete design package that simplifies everything for you.
  • You need a professional to manage all documents and orders that come with a modular kitchen system.
  • You are interested in receiving preliminary pricing for your Semihandmade doors.

To download more information, click here.  To contact MI directly, email or follow MI on Instagram @midg_LA




Don’t trust yourself with a measuring tape or interested in the convenience of having a professional planner take care of everything? Your professional designer will visit your home and work with you 1 on 1 in your own space.  The process includes a 2 hour in home meeting with a designer who arrives equipped with Semihandmade samples allowing you to see these finishes in person without having to visit a showroom.  This service package will also include up to 3 hours of off site revisions, detailed floorplan and elevations of your kitchen design, detailed kitchen cost and a personalized "In Home Planner" account.

Additional services available include: Ordering your Kitchen, receiving your delivery and scheduling your installation with Semihandmade preferred installers (additional charges would apply).

This package works best if:

  • You'd like the convenience of working with a planner 1 on 1 in your home.
  • You have limited time and are unable to visit a semihandmade showroom.
  • You're in need of someone to handle the entire planning process including the in-home measurement.
  • You’re interested in a One Stop Shop, start to finish including the additional service of ordering your Kitchen and scheduling installation (additional charges would apply).

When you purchase your Semihandmade fronts and schedule installation through South Bay Kitchen Installation you will also receive a $150 credit back toward your planning fee!

You can schedule an appointment online now or learn more by visiting


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