DIY Shaker is our popular paint-grade DIY option.  We do not offer painting or staining; please note that all parts are shipped unfinished, and customers are responsible for painting or staining them.

DIY Shaker doors have 2.5" wide rails/stiles in solid maple and MDF inset panel (the only exception is the top drawer which is slab-style).  All DIY panels are flat/slab-style unless noted. 

Glass doors are available only in the Shaker style, with the rails and stiles 2.5" wide.  Because of the possibility of damage while shipping, and so you can get the exact type you want, those doors come without glass.  We do not make "glass-ready" doors taller than 40". 

Special Items: Panels, plinth, light rail and trim are available upon request.  Floating shelves, open bookcases, wine cabinets and appliance panels are also available upon request.

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