Monochrome in Manhattan

monochrome in manhattan -

a wonderful white SLAB kitchen

It can be hard when planning a kitchen renovation not to swerve off course with the mountains of inspiration we see online. When it comes to putting together a plan for a small kitchen, it helps to remain focused – less can certainly be more.

Monochrome in Manhattan 

The new owners of this Manhattan townhome felt the existing kitchen was dark and definitely on the tighter side, so as they were looking to update the kitchen they wanted to match the bright, fresh look they planned for the rest of their new home. Choosing white as a base color, the were able to achieve a brighter and more open kitchen with elegant Semihandmade White Supermatte door fronts and Ikea Sektion cabinets.

Image: Sweeten

With a limited space to work within, they wanted to take full advantage of the ceiling height to provide plenty of cupboard space and a bright, clean finish.

The previous kitchen had many elements that were difficult to reach and it made it very claustrophobic. Moving to new neighborhood, the couple wanted to find a great contractor to help with their remodel, who they eventually found through Sweeten. One of the first things they decided to do was open up the window above the sink to let in more light.

Image: Sweeten

Once the window was opened up, the next step was installing their Ikea boxes. The couple chose Semihandmade doors because of the custom look, options and short lead times.

Choosing a flatter style of door meant they were able to make the doors blend into the room rather than make too much of a statement with them. Adding cabinets on top of and a full height pantry next to the fridge serve to both increase their storage space while also providing a built in feel.

“We landed on something like ‘a traditional white kitchen goes modern.’ ”

Image: Sweeten

We think the overall look is striking, especially with the contrasting floor tile. Their choice of our Supermatte white doors help the space feel simple, clean, warm and perfect for entertaining. 

The many benefits of a white kitchen.

1. Added light.
2.  Increased sense of space.  
3. Blur the lines between cabinetry and walls by keeping the same color.

Image: Sweeten 

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