We are so excited about our new SUPERMATTE line of colored thermofoils! These MDF-core doors and drawer faces are beautiful and priced like IKEA.

We've got 8 door and drawer front options in SUPERMATTE SLAB and SHAKER comparable to Ikea's Voxtorp doors (all prices in USD), our cover panels cost more than theirs, for more details see below.  As always, appliance panels are available upon request.  

Glass doors are available only in the Shaker style, with the rails and stiles 2" wide. Because of the possibility of damage while shipping, and so you can get the exact type you want, those doors come without glass.

Special Items: Panels, plinth, light rail and trim are available upon request.

Please note our cover panels cost more than IKEA's for several reasons:

  • ours are thicker than IKEA's at 3/4"
  • base and tall panels run all the way to the floor
  • panels sit slightly past the door/drawer for a more built-in look.  

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