Grey - Supermatte Slab Drawer

Colored Supermatte doors come in Shaker and Slab options and have quickly become a Semihandmade favorite. Available in eight colors, they're not only classically beautiful, their durable thermofoil topcoat offers the variety, convenience and low-maintenance that so many of our customers are looking for when creating their dream living space.

Note: All Supermatte parts are 3/4" thick, have a thermofoil topcoat and MDF core, and are made in the USA. Supermatte panels are flat/slab-style and 3/4" thick (Ikea's are typically 5/8"). When installing, Semihandmade base, tall and wall panels are made to run straight to the floor and slightly past or "proud" of the door/drawer fronts for a more custom, built-in look (see the Installation Manual for more details).