In February 2015, IKEA replaced the twenty-year-old Akurum kitchen system with Sektion.

Lots of people have Akurum kitchens, and with good reason - they rock.  Unfortunately, not only are their doors and parts no longer available in stores, if you want to freshen your look with something new, you're out of luck; cabinet dimensions differ between the two systems. 

Semihandmade wants to help.  We’d love to update the doors on your entire kitchen, that's what we do.  But what if you have an older Ikea kitchen, only a few doors and drawer faces need replacing, and you don’t want to break the bank on a full renovation? 

Common questions we get are:

Can Semihandmade copy the doors in my older Ikea kitchen?

We can't copy or match older Ikea doors.  We do, however, offer over forty alternatives on our Materials page.  Especially popular are our economy-priced DIY, Supermatte and Impression categories. 

Can you replace the doors on every older Ikea kitchen? 

We are able to replace doors for kitchens starting from 2002 on.

I’m not sure how old my kitchen is, how can I be sure it qualifies?

Please fill out the following form here.

I'm ready to design my kitchen, what now?

For either a new or old kitchen, your best bet is to use IKEA's free planning tool. Despite the fact that the software is made for Sektion, the dimensions are close enough to the older system that we can still get you a price on replacement Akurum doors.  SketchUp also works, or you can try one of our recommended Designers.

Once your plans are complete, email them to us. We need the full set including both the dimensioned elevations and plan drawings. We'll follow-up with a phone-call to generate a rough estimate after discussing your project's scope, time-frame, and budget. Because of the time and work involved in this process, only after you confirm that our price falls within your budget will we generate a formal proposal.

Finally, once you're ready to move forward, you’ll order everything else from them - all the cabinet boxes, feet and hardware - while Semihandmade crafts the doors, panels and drawer faces that will transform your cabinets into something truly one-of-a-kind!

For even more information, including design options, visit our blog.