"Co-working" is the idea of sharing a professional space to avoid things like leases and utilities.  With outposts in every major US city and several in Europe, WeWork is the biggest and best co-working company on the planet.  Each location is a mix of private and common spaces housing hundreds of accountants, designers, architects and programmers.

Semihandmade is growing, too; we've doubled in size every year since our founding in 2011.  Most of that is due to the fact that we make better Ikea doors than anybody.  It's also the result of showing our doors at multiple design events around the US and Canada every year. 

We'll continue to do shows as there's something satisfying about meeting past customers and new converts.  Now we want to try something really different to further expand the Semihandmade brand.  To do that, and take advantage of WeWork's ever-growing community and presence in some of our best-selling cities, we'll be opening spaces inside select WeWorks over the next year.

Semihandmade will be inside at least six WeWorks by the end of 2016.  We've started with Grant Park Chicago this April, Pasadena on May 1, then spots in NYC and Brooklyn in June.  Additional locations include Seattle, San Francisco and Toronto.  These are not showrooms; not in the conventional sense, anyway.  Part of that is due to the size of the spaces, respect for the privacy of our WeWork neighbors, and each locations' particular security requirements.  The goal of each space is to act as a conduit to our Sales and Customer Service Staff, not discuss specific products, so we ask that you don't bring plans.

Other things to know:

1) Each space is about 200 square-feet, the same size as a standard show booth

2) We're highlighting the quality and variety of our doors, so kitchen cabinets won't be on display

3) Not all our material choices will be featured in every location

4) Samples are available through the website only

5) Spaces are open M-F only

6) Visits are by appointment-only and can be scheduled on the attached calendar; site restrictions prevent unannounced visits

7) Visits are limited to 30 minutes