WeWork is the fastest-growing co-working company on the planet. Semihandmade is growing, too. To expand our brand even further, we've opened spaces inside multiple WeWorks in Pasadena CA, and New York City. You'll find a great article here on our new spaces inside WeWork.  While these are not traditional showrooms (they're all about 175 SF), we welcome visits from the Trade and homeowners. We simply ask that you don't bring plans as sales and design are handled via the website. 

Please note:

    1) Because of space restrictions, kitchen cabinets aren't on display.

    2) Not all of our material choices will be featured in every location.

    3) Samples are available through the website only.  To order, click here.

    4) Office hours vary by location.

    5) Visits are by appointment-only and limited to 30 minutes.

Please schedule an appointment here.