One-on-one with SSS

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Designer: Sarah Sherman Samuel

"After working with Semihandmade first on my own kitchen, I fell in love with the product and the innovation behind it...  By utilizing the IKEA kitchen cabinets we were able to assemble them ourselves and still get the high-quality doors we wanted from Semihandmade, as well as all the extra trim and filler pieces that you can’t get from IKEA to make it look like a completely custom kitchen.

It was when I was designing a kitchen for a client that wanted to use Semihandmade in their kitchen that I came up with the idea of designing my own front and proposed the idea to John with some drawings and a rendering. That was about a year ago now. I proposed the modern take on the classic beadboard and John and his team produced it exactly as I imagined." 

- Sarah @ Sarah Sherman Samuel

Agave Beaded

Antique Beaded

Black Beaded

Blush Beaded

Desert Grey Beaded

Night Sky Beaded

White Beaded

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