We aim to keep our high-quality doors at reasonable prices. With more than 50 options, we're confident that we have something beautiful to fit both your budget and style.  Doors are shown by price in ascending order, starting with category A1; letters indicate the price group, and numbers indicate the design, followed by a brief description of design and materials.

Pricing Comparison

For simplicity and consistency, we're comparing semihandmade prices with Ikea's higher range Ringhult line. (Some Ikea doors are priced as low as $5; we're not talking about those.) Pricing includes cabinets, interior hardware, fronts, panels and trim.

Estimated door & panel costs $3,590 $2,253 $2,552 $3,454 $4,138 $4,515 $5,320 $5,620 $6,443 $7,140 $7,826
Cost for frames and hardware from Ikea $1,667 $1,667
Total Estimated Cost $5,257 $3,920 $4,219 $5,121 $5,805 $6,182 $6,987 $7,287 $8,110 $8,807 $9,493