Comparing Semihandmade prices to Ikea prices

For starters, our DIY SLAB and DIY SHAKER doors, two of our most popular offerings, fall right into the mid-range of Ikea pricing.  It is important to note, however, that professional fees for painting or spraying these doors - whether with paint, varnish, or lacquer - can certainly add up.  Of course, nothing beats getting the exact color you want, we simply suggest doing some research beforehand to determine what the real cost will be.

We are thrilled (and so are our customers!) to offer eight materials in our IMPRESSION collection (category B1) that are priced comparably with Ikea's higher end collections.  Click HERE for a pricing comparison sheet. 

Our SUPERMATTE SLABSUPERMATTE SHAKER and SARAH SHERMAN SAMUEL collections (categories B2, B3 and B4) are also priced comparably with Ikea's most expensive offerings. For a price comparison, click here (?) Why are the panels priced higher?  In most cases, our panels are thicker and wider than Ikea's panels and we oversize our panels so they can be scribed to the wall and/or the floor for a more professional look.  Additionally, our panels and trim are made of the exact same material as our doors and drawer faces.

We strongly suggest all B categories for people hoping to match or go slightly above Ikea's price-point.