Meet Our New Impression Doors!

You read that right - this Spring, we're thrilled to launch our IMPRESSION line of doors for Ikea cabinets!  Made of high-quality, textured Italian melamine, we are offering the doors for both the Akurum and Sektion kitchen systems, as well as for Pax, Godmorgon, Kallax and Pax. 

Choices include Ash, Smoke and Reed (pictured below).

Semihandmade Reed Impression Door CLOSE Semihandmade Smoke Impression Door Semihandmade Ash Impression Door

 There's also Charcoal, Quarry, Truffle, Oyster and Honey.

Semihandmade Oyster Impression DoorSemihandmade Charcoal Impression Door Semihandmade Honey Impression Door Semihandmade Truffle Impression Door

Best of all - and probably most exciting - we're offering 6 IMPRESSION doors to match Ikea Brokhult and Ringhult prices (the other 2 doors are just 10% more than those two).

What that means is now, finally, you'll be able to get that signature, one-of-a-kind Semihandmade look for your Ikea kitchen, bathroom, closet or media cabinet at Ikea prices! Lead-time for kitchens is 5-6 weeks (down from our standard 8 weeks for sequenced veneers).  You'll also find a complete list of IMPRESSION prices here.

This stuff you really do have to see and touch in person; for samples, click here.  And stay tuned for more finished photos as they arrive!


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