Flatsawn Teak doors are real wood veneer on MDF with edge-banding.  Douglas Fir doors are a composite, real wood veneer on MDF with edge-banding.  Maple Shaker and Cherry Shaker doors have 2.5" rails and stiles and solid 3/8" panels. Finish on all doors is a satin conversion varnish.  Matching panels, plinth and trim are available upon request.  All panels (including Shaker projects) are flat/slab-style.  Floating shelves, open bookcases, wine cabinets and appliance panels are available upon request. 

Please note: photos are meant to show the natural variation in coloring and grain pattern; image-quality and lighting differs from project to project. We use only A-grade materials. Your facing will fall somewhere within this range. For even more photos, please click here.


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