We offer over 50 different doors in a wide range of prices - from unpainted DIY SLAB or SHAKER and IKEA-priced IMPRESSION, to our one-of-a-kind RECLAIMED doors. Doors are grouped (A through G) by cost, with the least expensive at the top. 


The IMPRESSION (B) line is a huge hit with customers seeking quality and value.  We strongly suggest this door for people hoping to match or go slightly above IKEA's price-point.  Doors in the C range or above are meant for people sold on the IKEA system but willing to spend more.  ECO and COLOR doors start at about 40-60% more than IKEA's Ringhult line, and sequenced CLASSIC doors can cost twice Ringhult. 

Depending on your room’s size and design, clients ordering Semihandmade C-G range doors typically spend between $4,000 and $10,000 on Semihandmade doors, panels, drawer faces and custom components like floating shelves, wine cabinets and appliance panels.  On a standard kitchen, when you add fixed costs - IKEA cabinets and hardware ($1,500-$3,000) plus assembly and installation ($1,500-$3,000) - then add us in, you come up with a range of $8,000-$15,000.  For groups A-G, you will find a sample kitchen drawing below with specific prices for our fronts and panels - and how they compare to IKEA - noted.

Sales tax is applicable if you live in California, New York or Illinois because we have physical presence in these states.  Everywhere else you will not be charged sales tax.


We get a lot of inquiries every day. To more efficiently serve you, start by emailing your dimensioned elevation and plan drawings for us to generate a bid. Most folks use IKEA's free planning tool, but Sketch-up or architectural plans work, too. We'll follow-up with a phone call to find out your project's scope, time-frame and budget, then generate a rough estimate we'll go over by phone.  Because of the time and work involved in this process, only after you confirm that our price falls within your budget will we generate a formal bid. 





Edge-banded MDF perfectly-suited for either hand-painting or spraying (assume $50-$65 each to have a door painted professionally).                             


View a kitchen drawing with A1 pricing


Unfinished, ready-to-paint, one of our most versatile and popular offerings.

View a kitchen drawing with A2 pricing


Textured melamine, priced to match IKEA Brokhult. 


View a kitchen drawing with B1 pricing 


Textured melamine or thermofoil, priced to match IKEA Ringhult. 


View a kitchen drawing with B2 pricing


Textured melamine or thermofoil shaker, 10% more than Ringhult.


View a kitchen drawing with B3 pricing


One stainable Shaker choice, some basic colors, a few reconstituted veneers.


View a kitchen drawing with C pricing


More reconstituted veneers, more colors, a few timeless Shaker doors.


View a kitchen drawing with D pricing


Our most popular offerings, sequence-matched for our signature "Semihandmade" look.


View a kitchen drawing with E pricing


More sequenced options and solid Shakers.


View a kitchen drawing with F pricing

Gorgeous, reclaimed, the real deal.                                                                                     


For a kitchen drawing with G pricing