We offer over 50 different doors in a wide range of prices - from unpainted SHAKER and IKEA-priced IMPRESSION, to our sequence-matched CLASSIC veneers, high gloss COLORS and one-of-a-kind RECLAIMED doors.  Doors are grouped below A-H by cost (least expensive at the top). 


We get a lot of inquiries every day.  To make the "bidding" process as painless as possible, Clients interested in DIY SLAB, DIY SHAKER or IMPRESSION doors (pricing A and B below) order directly from the website (starting May 1st).  Prices and cabinet permutations are listed, you just need to plug what you need in.  Once the order has been placed and a deposit paid, an Associate will follow up to ensure your project is complete. 

For a downloadable price sheet of our DIY SLAB, DIY SHAKER and IMPRESSION doors, click here. 

Clients interested in ECO, CLASSIC, COLOR or RECLAIMED doors (pricing C-G below) must email their dimensioned elevation and plan drawings for us to generate a bid.  Most folks use IKEA's free planner you'll find here, but architectural plans and Sketch-up work, too.  We'll follow-up with a phone-call to find out you're project's scope, time-frame and budget, then generate a rough estimate we'll go over by phone.  Because of the time and work involved in this process, only after you confirm our price falls within your budget will we generate a formal bid.


Part of how we're able to keep prices in the A-B range is by having you order those doors yourself.  The IMPRESSION line is a huge hit with customers seeking quality and value.  We strongly suggest this door for people hoping to match or go slightly above IKEA's price-point.  Doors in the C range or above are meant for people sold on the IKEA system but willing to spend more; ECO and COLOR doors start at about 40-60% more than IKEA's Ringhult line, and sequenced CLASSIC doors can cost twice Ringhult. 

Depending on your room’s size and design, clients ordering Semihandmade C-G range doors typically spend between $4,000 and $10,000 on Semihandmade doors, panels, drawer faces and custom components like floating shelves, wine cabinets and appliance panels.  On a standard kitchen, when you add fixed costs - IKEA cabinets and hardware ($1,500-$3,000) plus assembly and installation ($1,500-$3,000) - then add us in, you come up with a range of $8,000-$15,000.  For categories C-G, below you will find a sample kitchen drawing with specific prices for our fronts and panels - and how they compare to IKEA - noted.


We ship our Semihandmade doors to all 48 continental US states and Canada.  Cost depends on weight and distance, and most kitchens ship LTL on 4' x 8' pallets.  A final cost is not determined until your project is packed and ready for shipment.  Standard lead-time for kitchens by material (expedited service is available for an additional cost):



ECO: 6 weeks


For US shipping/handling ranges, click here.  For Canadian shipping/handling ranges, click here.


Edge-banded MDF perfectly-suited for either hand-painting or spraying (assume $50-$65 each to have a door painted professionally).                             


For a kitchen drawing with A1 pricing, click here. 


Unfinished, ready-to-paint, one of our most versatile and popular offerings.

For a kitchen drawing with A2 pricing, click here 

For a downloadable price sheet of our DIY SLAB and DIY SHAKER doors, click here


Textured melamine, same price as IKEA Brokhult. 


For a kitchen drawing with B1 pricing, click here.     


Textured melamine, same price as IKEA Ringhult.

For a kitchen drawing with B2 pricing, click here.


Textured melamine, 10% more than Ringhult.


 For a kitchen drawing with B3 pricing, click here.

For a downloadable price sheet of our IMPRESSION doors, click here


One stainable Shaker choice, some basic colors, a few reconstituted veneers.


For a kitchen drawing with C pricing, click here.


More reconstituted veneers, more colors, a few timeless Shaker doors.


For a kitchen drawing with D pricing, click here.


Our most popular offerings, sequence-matched for our signature "Semihandmade" look.


For a kitchen drawing with E pricing, click here


More sequenced options, solid Shakers, our "limited" offerings.


For a kitchen drawing with F pricing, click here. 

Gorgeous, reclaimed, the real deal.                                                                                     


For a kitchen drawing with G pricing, click here.


Exotic, eye-catching, available for select cabinets (not kitchens or closets).