Since founding Handmade in Los Angeles in 2002, we've specialized in
the fabrication of fine custom furniture and cabinetry for the home, office
and retail space.

In January 2011, we launched Semihandmade with the goal of offering the same Handmade craftsmanship to a wider audience, at a lower price. We're able to do this by customizing doors, panel and drawer faces measured and drilled to fit IKEA™ kitchens.


First and foremost, quality; it's hard not to be impressed with their sturdy cabinets and Blum hardware.  Second, flexibility; unlike other major cabinet manufacturers, IKEA™ lets you buy their kitchens without doors and drawer faces. Lastly, price; even with Semihandmade doors, you'll easily save 30-40% on the cost of a typical custom kitchen.

For more information on where we came from, read this profile by Dwell.

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John McDonald